* Available videos to presentations are linked inline.

2018.11.28 Seedstars Asia Summit
2018.03.23 Panel on The Future City, MIT Global Startup Workshop, Bangkok, Thailand.
2017.06.29 Ananda UrbanTech Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
2016.06.01 Panel on Smart Cities, Center for Strategic International Studies, Washington, DC.
2015.11.12 AIA Minnesota Conference, Minneapolis, MN.
2015.10.20 International Development Student Workshop, Johns Hopkins SAIS, Washington, DC.
2015.10.20 World Statistics Day, Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, DC.
2015.10.19 In-Q-Tel Data Visualization Technology Conference, Arlington, VA.
2015.09.05 Featured Presenter. EmTech en Espanol, Quito, Ecuador.
2015.06.19 Chicago Architecture Foundation, Members Program.
2015.06.09 Keynote. Digidol 2015, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
2015.06.11 Innovation Series (w/ MIT Industry Liaison Program). Bailey Gifford, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2015.02.26 Method Inc. Lecture Series, New York City, NY.
2015.02.20 Cities as Organisms Conference, University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia.
2015.02.14 MIT Technology Conference, Cambridge, MA.
2014.12.12 Fraunhofer Institute Workshop on Design and Science, Berlin, Germany.
2014.10.30 Designing Urban Technologies Session Panelist & Co-organizer, ArchitectureBoston Expo, Boston, MA.
2014.10.16 Method Inc. Lecture Series, San Francisco, CA.
2014.10.08 French-American Business Forum 2014: Smart City
2014.09.16 Keynote, GeoConference 2014, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.
2014.09.11 MKThink Lecture Series, San Francisco, CA.
2014.06.10 Keynote Presenter, Digital Tech, Cardiff, Wales, UK.
2014.06.06 Keynote. The University of Stuttgart’s Urban Design Institute. Stuttgart, Germany.
2014.04.30 AIA Large Firm Roundtable Panelist and Discussion Expert, Toronto, Canada.
2013.12.04 Panelist, OECD Seminar on Innovative Approaches, Aguascalientes, Mexico.
2013.11.08 Panelist. AT Kearney Digital Business Forum, New York, NY.
2013.09.26 Association of Architecture Organizations Conference. Boston, MA.
2013.09.13 University of Kansas Architecture Lecture Series, Lawrence, KS.
2013.07.03 Presentation at Research and Development Meeting, Alstom, Paris, France.
2013.04.18 Catholic University of America Urban Planning Lecture Series, Washington, DC.
2013.04.17 Panelist, University of Maryland Architecture Lecture Series. College Park, MD.
2013.03.28 Keynote. Arch. Research Centers Consortium Annual Meeting. Charlotte, NC.
2013.03.27 Design + Computation Program Inauguration. UNC – Charlotte.
2013.03.15 Sept/May Debates. Cambridge, MA.
2013.03.01 Invited Workshop Presenter. Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.
2012.12.13 Volkswagen AG Global Marketing Workshop. Berlin, Germany.
2012.11.19 Skanska Worldwide R&D Conference. Boston, MA.
2012.06.26 BMW Guggenheim Lab. Berlin, Germany.
2012.06.10 University Lecture Series, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA.
2012.10.06 Future Cities, Harvard University Innovation Conference, Cambridge, MA.
2011.11.11 Chrysler Design Mobility Workshop, New York City, NY.
2010.10.06 Keynote. World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Boston, MA
2008.06 Emerging Voices in Architecture. International Congress of Architects (UIA), Torino, Italy.
2008.05 General Assembly Presenter, Convention of the American Institute of Architects. Boston, MA.