Issue Brief on Architectural Education


2008 AIAS Issue Brief on Architectural Education is positioned as a critical and anticipatory document which highlights issues relevant to the future education and practice of the profession, citing opportunities for necessary and visionary change. It frames the voice of future practitioners, educators, and leaders who will inherit the legacy of our current decisions. In this way, it provides “future-forward” insight and catalytic challenge for our collective future. Moreover, this document will constitute a “measuring stick” by which proposed changes can be evaluated and considered.” Quoted from the Introduction. The entire process of creating and implementing the document was digital as a number of virtual discussions, surveys and commenting with the task force was done electronically and the final document was both printed and provided as a flash document. The document was well received and a number of recommendations were found in the proposals presented to the task force members. A number of comments are included below:

“It is very articulate and concise while being a tough advocate for the students of tomorrow. It will be part of your lasting legacy as AIAS members.” – Jonathan Bahe, University of Washington

“This document is not only professional and impressive but ground-breaking in terms of its broad and idea based approach and attitude towards education and accreditation as opposed to addressing specific issues as has been done in the past by the other organizations.” – Will Doran, Louisiana State University

“Fantastic document and great graphic presentation.” – Wayne Drummond, FAIA, Dean, University of Nebraska.

In Collaboration with:
AIAS ARC Task Force, edited by Caruso + Vanky