Parsons Installation



As a site-specific art installation, the ring was designed specifically for its site. Located on new property acquired by Eastern Michigan University in the tip area of the lower peninsula of Michigan it, like the Parsons Center for the Study of Art and Science, marries the ideas of science, ecology, and art.

The ring tangents the lake on one edge and rises up to 4-feet at its rear. Allowed to flood, the ring constantly appears and disappears with the rising tide. With regards to program, it is a place of observation where the rear of the ring is high enough for sitting and contemplation. It is reminiscent of timeless fire pits or communal hearths, a nod to the precious site.

The entire ring was also planted with native grasses to both hold the rings form and to be reclaimed seasonally by nature and the forces of growth and decay. The form is inspired by the diatom, found microscopically in the lake, the ring is blown up to reveal at the macro level the natural, scientifically intriguing world.

In Collaboration with:
John, Celeste + Melody